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Upper Mustang Trekking Season

Upper Mustang can be compared to Tibetan Land which gives full feeling of Tibet and many things are similar to it. Upper Mustang Trekking season is exactly opposite than other normal trekking area of Nepal like as Annapurna, Everest and Langtang Valley. Nepal has really unique climates and weather which are different within a country.

We have 4 seasons in different time and weather with temperature. Tour and Trekking can be organized according to their movements. March, April and May in spring season are very good traveling season for Nepal. September, October and November in Autumn Season which are best for tour and trekking for most of the places of Nepal.

But some important trekking destinations are exactly opposite season for trekkers. For example Upper Mustang trek and Upper Dolpo Trekking season is June, July and August which is summer season in Nepal. These trekking regions have good weather and climate in summer and no raining in those areas. But other regions of Nepal are mostly heavy raining and just can tour not fro trekking.
Upper Mustang Trek can be compared to Tibet and one can visit Upper Mustang on summer which has similar culture and tradition of Tibet and topography of Land too.

Not only the culture and tradition but also the landscape is very much related to Tibet. Mustang lies in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri and you walk in a complete desolate landscape, surrounded by rocks in all kind of colors and bizarre formations.

It is normally 10-13 days trekking  which starts from Jomsom. One can go by Jeep to Jomsom and can start walking or fly to Jomsom from pohara too. After start trekking from Jomsom, many villages and small hubs meet on the way and stay in guest house or lodges. In this barren landscape the villages with their bright colored fields are like oases. The trail follows the salt caravan route of the old days, during which the people of Mustang traded Tibetan salt with grain from the lowlands. The goal of the Upper Mustang trek is the capital of Upper Mustang, Lo Manthang. Lo Manthang is a medieval old town, surrounded by a huge town wall. From the Lo La pass (3950m) you can see the town shimmering in the distance in the barren landscape. Entering Lo Manthang through the town gate you enter a different world. It is just wonderful to wander through the narrow alleys. On several corners of the street you can find small groups of women spinning wool and discussing the news of the day.

At the end of the afternoon big herds of goats are being let through the city gate and through the narrow alleys, back to their sheds, which are inside the town. In Lo Manthang you can find the palace of the king, a huge 4 story high building. When the king is at home, you can even pay him a visit sometimes. The king doesn’t have any real power

Upper Mustang, the place of mysticism and extocism. Should visit once in a life. Don't miss it. anymore, but is of course still highly respected by his people. Besides, there are a few beautiful big monasteries, for example the Thugchen Gompa, built in the 15th century. Or visit the amchi museum and amchi school. An amchi is a traditional Tibetan doctor. There are 2 amchis living in Lo Mangtang, which are also the official doctors of the king. They founded a school to preserve this ancient wisdom. Also interesting is a ride by horse to Chhoser, where you can visit a small monastery and a century old cave dwelling, situated high in the rocks.

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